Lessons learned while taking a break from day to day routine and getting out of comfort zone.

Last weekend we had an official trip to Khanpur Lake, and on this trip there were some activities organized by EMAC (a tour organizing company). Those activities were meant to be life-changing experience and yes those were truly amazing and were a life-changing experience. It was almost 2 days trip that included caving, shooting, raft building, cliff jumping, repelling, jet skiing and other team activities.

There are two types of people in my company now, those who were present on trip and those who weren’t. The trust and relationship strength between those who were present on trip will never ever be the same with other ones. And other ones are totally gonna miss the bond which we will have for forever now.

This was one awe-inspiring, full of fun trip. Lots of great thoughtful experiences were nicely put together. All the learning was synchronized and every single person joyously learned all the lessons.

These are the top 5 learnings of mine through this adventurous and transformational trip

Embrace Fear.

Be vulnerable; showing your fears won’t make you less of a man. Others can relate to it because they have or had the same fears and will help you to overcome it. Once you take the leap of faith and face your fears, you will feel wonderful and others will feel happy because they knew your fears and you had the courage to overcome it. 

Be Open.

Be open to change, learn new skills and experiences. All these will take you one step further as an individual and you will feel amazing once you get out of your comfort zone. As Steve Jobs puts it very delicately,

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.
People Are Awesome.

Everyone is unique with his or her own unique strengths and weaknesses. In normal routine, we judge other people too quickly by their weaknesses. That’s what we must not do. Because once we have judged, we will never be able to see the phenomenal part of his or her personality. And believe me, Everyone has one. We should highlight their strengths and help them to cover up their weaknesses in a way that they will progress and achieve their vision.

You’re more powerful than you think.

We all have our fears like that of failure, of being judged, of someone taking our advantage etc. But you have the ability to embrace your fears and overcome those. You are powerful enough to blow away all your fears and do what you are destined to do and create what you want to and achieve what you envision to. Once you learn that you’re more powerful than you think then there is no limit to what you can do. Nobody can stop you to achieve greatness. Just remember,

You’re more powerful than you think.
Trust People.

When someone trusts you, they are giving you a great honor. You will do everything to not to break their trust and help them in ways whatever you can. Other people do exactly the same. Breakout from your fear zone and trust others. But trust completely; give your 100%. You cannot build a team without trust. And without a team you cannot achieve greatness. It always takes a team to accomplish great goals. With teams, you can attain that is not possible individually. You can fight battles you cannot imagine fighting all by yourself.

Build a team based on trust and conquer the world.